Unlock Better Team Performance
with the Team Habits Assessment 

Navigating team dynamics can be a challenge, especially during times of growth, change, or transition.

Our unique Team Habits Assessment identifies areas of strength and opportunity within your team or organization. It provides actionable insights and tailored solutions to elevate performance and belonging, ensuring alignment, efficiency, and growth.

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Using personalized assessments and expert analysis, we offer two engagement options to guide your path to success:

Basic Assessment:
For Up to 10 Team Members

Ideal for smaller teams facing challenges like:

  • Stagnation and lack of clear direction
  • Collaboration barriers hindering productivity
  • Newly formed groups struggling to find synergy
  • Desire to enhance individual contributions to the team's success

What's Included:

  • Personalized Team Habits Assessment Form
  • Individual and Team-Level Analysis
  • Comprehensive Report on Team Dynamics
  • Exclusive One-Hour Consultation with Charlie
  • Tailored Recommendations and Actionable Insights

Advanced Assessment:
Tailored for Larger Teams and Hierarchies
(Contact Us for Rates)

Perfect for organizations dealing with:

  • Rapid expansion leading to disconnect and inefficiency
  • Mergers or acquisitions causing alignment challenges
  • Complex structures with multiple divisions and departments
  • Systemic issues requiring in-depth, multi-level analysis

What's Included:

  • Customized Team Habits Assessment Form
  • In-Depth Analysis at Team, Department, and Division Levels
  • Comprehensive Multi-Level Reports
  • Exclusive Consultation with Stakeholders
  • Tailored Recommendations for Systemic Growth

Team Habits Assessment Process: What to Expect

The Team Habits Assessment process typically takes between four to six weeks, with the biggest variance in timelines typically coming from getting teammate surveys completed and getting meetings scheduled. Here's the process:

    1. Team Habits Assessment Discovery Consultation: We'll have a 30-minute conversation to align on goals, learn more about each other, and confirm timelines.
    2. Custom Team Habits Assessment Form Creation: Upon receiving payment, we'll design a personalized Team Habits assessment form tailored to your needs.
    3. Team Assessment Completion: You'll ensure that all participants complete the assessment form; coordinating completion is often the most time-consuming part.
    4. Report Compilation: Expect the final written report within two weeks of receiving all the completed assessments.
    5. Consultation Scheduling: The scheduling depends on the availability of the team (basic) or stakeholders (advanced).
    6. Ongoing Support and Follow-up: We offer additional coaching and advising for change management and implementation.

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About Me (Charlie Gilkey)


I am the lead consultant, coach, and strategist at Productive Flourishing. I have nearly 20 years of fieldwork that incorporates systems thinking, strategy execution, leadership and organizational development, practical innovation, and communication.

Besides the technical expertise, I possess a passionate drive to help leaders and owners achieve more than they could have ever imagined. My experience includes leading 200+ soldiers in the U.S. Army, 14 years consulting leaders in various industries in for-profit and nonprofit industries, writing award-winning books, and serving on various boards. My new book, Team Habits, is a guide to creating practices in teams that create great results and belonging.


The testimonials below are representative of the typical outcomes from working with me. I can provide more tailored testimonials upon request and you can also see more in my LinkedIn recommendations.

Andrea Zamora

Founder, Brite Side Consulting (former CEO, Waterfall Community Health)

Charlie has been a game-changer for my leadership and organization.  As an executive coach, he's one of the few people who can really see what's going on, clearly put it on the table, and anchor to the conversation until it's resolved. I can't hide anything from him and I don't want to because I know, no matter what, I and my organization will be better off from our empowering conversation. I engaged Charlie to facilitate team and board meetings for the same reasons — he's flexibly able to keep us focused on exactly what we need to without getting bogged down into details and distractions that aren't important for the meeting at hand. It always amazes me how he is able to create space for the unexpected nuggets that arise and turn into innovative solutions to problems we didn’t know we had. I've done a lot of strategic planning sessions over my decades of leadership and his have been the best ones.

Randy Shafer

USA Cycling

His willingness to jump into uncomfortable unknowns with positivity and curiosity encouraged everyone at the event to ride with him and feel empowered to speak up, collaborate, and own the ways they could improve our team. Charlie pushed us beyond talking about becoming a better team — we became a better team, in real time, because of his catalytic presence.


Jeremie Miller

Executive Director, RAFT - Resilience for Advocates through Foundational Training

I've worked with Charlie for over a decade now. The amazing part of working with Charlie is his accessibility at different levels of commitment. My absolute favorite way to work with Charlie is one-one, but over the years he has supported me through free calls, podcasts, blog posts, live group retreats, online coaching groups, and most recently in the academy. Each of these has provided a different experience, but all of them have focused on Charlie's unique view of the world, and approach to leadership and business development. The more amazing part of working with Charlie is the wide range of topics he has supported me with: whether it's working on long-time strategy, budgets and investments, board relations, my own leadership patterns, or advanced DEI challenges, he meets me where I am and adaptively coaches me to step into my growth edges. I am even more excited to work with Charlie at present because I have also had the opportunity to watch him and his work evolve and change, and right now I think Charlie is closer to his great work than ever, and I get to benefit from that. I would not be the leader I am today, and my organization would not be having the impact on the world we are, without the work I have done with Charlie.


Leslie Griffin Robertson

Fortune 100 technology executive

Charlie is a phenomenal facilitator, advisor, and thought partner. He asks great questions, and he listens carefully. He has a knack for seeing what's really going on, naming and calling it out in a way that's firm but non-divisive, and then guiding groups and individuals to actually engage with the challenges or opportunities. Because of his facilitation, we were actually able to get valuable insights into our org patterns, and figure out ways to optimize them. I'm looking forward to the next opportunity for Charlie to work with my leadership team, as well as with my broader organization.