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Whether you work in a team or solo, own your business or work in someone else’s, my books will help you work better, and work better together.

Team Habits

Team Habits is not just another book about teamwork… it’s a guide to understanding the hidden dynamics that make teams thrive.

If you’ve ever felt that your team could be more productive, more cohesive, and more aligned with your organization’s goals, this book is for you.

Whether you’re a team leader, a team member, or an organization looking to transform the way you work, Team Habits: How Small Actions Lead to Extraordinary Results offers actionable insights and practical tools to make teamwork work.

Start Finishing

Start Finishing answers the following question: why is it that we don’t do the stuff that really matters to us? It’s easy to explain why we don’t do the stuff we don’t want to do, but what about the stuff we want to do?

It’s the one book you need to turn your soul-deep dreams, goals, and ideas into doable projects that live on your schedule and get done.

The Small Business Life Cycle

This no-fluff guide lays out the foundation to grow your small business. While it won’t give you a specific business strategy – no business book can do that – it’ll show you what needs to be done so you can determine the right strategy for your business.

This guide is succinct and very accessible, because you don’t need another long, hard-to-understand business book. You’ve got a business to grow, and this book is written to get you realigned, focused, and gaining momentum.

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