You want your team to create great results.


Let's build a roadmap for better team habits.

Team Habits is the difference between teamwork that feels like a struggle, and collaboration that empowers everyone to deliver their best.

Team Habits is here! It released August 29, 2023.

Team Habits is not just another book about teamwork...

... it's a guide to understanding the hidden dynamics that make teams thrive.

If you've ever felt that your team could be more productive, more cohesive, and more aligned with your organization's goals, this book is for you.

Whether you're a team leader, a team member, or an organization looking to transform the way you work, Team Habits: How Small Actions Lead to Extraordinary Results offers actionable insights and practical tools to make teamwork work. 

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"Team Habits is the modern business handbook that should sit on every manager's desk."

Pamela Slim

author of Body of Work and The Widest Net


"There are a lot of business, team building, and leadership works that I read once, take a few notes, then set aside. I might seek the book out and reference it once or twice after that, but mostly the book sits quietly in its place on my bookshelf. Team Habits is not that book. In fact, Team Habits has never managed to even make it to my bookshelf, as it continues to have an important space on my desk where I can reference it again and again. I find myself thumbing through Team Habits during team meetings, coaching sessions, and networking calls. In so many situations when I am looking for an answer, Team Habits pops up in my brain and I am sharing the material to support someone. Team Habits isn't filled with a lot of "filler" and theory, instead it is filled with information and ideas you can take action on. Definitely a worthy business/team/leadership book for your desk (not your bookshelf)."

Jeremie Miller

Executive Director, RAFT - Resilience for Advocates through Foundational Training

If you want to improve your team, there's a simpler and more effective route: create better team habits.

Your team doesn't rise to the sum of its members' capabilities; it falls to how it practices good team habits that create great results and belonging.

From the Team Habits Quiz, where you'll identify the habits you need to build (or break), to a Roadmap for putting them into practice, this book is full of clear, simple actions to:

  • Run more productive meetings and eliminate the crutch meetings that eat up so much time
  • Eliminate pointless emails and messages
  • Make better, swifter decisions
  • Learn how to resolve small team friction points before they create interpersonal conflict
  • And create a sense of belonging

Team Habits is the difference between teamwork that feels like a struggle, and collaboration that empowers everyone to deliver their best.




Team Habits was selected as a must-read by the Next Big Idea Book Club.

Praise for Team Habits


"In my experience, a sense of belonging matters more than almost anything else in how a team functions, but everybody on a team doesn't belong in the same way. Team Habits expertly helps you pinpoint what your team actually needs to deliver effectively and thrive while doing it. You'll find a whole menu of high-value options to consider, along with practical, actionable tips for bringing reluctant folks along. This is a book you'll turn to again and again."

Leslie Griffin Robertson

Fortune 100 technology executive


"Team Habits is a vital tool for any leader to guide the path toward shared expectations and language so that the organizational culture is not only successful but responsive to today's workforce challenges. There's not a single person who works with groups of people - formally, informally, professionally, in a volunteer capacity - that wouldn't benefit from this book."

Liana Cassar

Women's leadership advocate and former RI State Representative


"When so many workplaces struggle with firmly established norms and limitations, Team Habits is an instruction manual to stop fixating on the things you can't change while overlooking the stuff you can change right in front of you."

Captain D. Michael Abrashoff

New York Times bestselling author of It's Your Ship


"Team Habits is success-critical reading for every leader! Packed with practical, actionable insights, tools and strategies, with a unique focus on habits that build belonging and fuel performance, Gilkey has created an essential reference for those to aspire to collective greatness."

Jonathan Fields

Bestselling author of SPARKED, founder of Good Life Project®


"Charlie Gilkey gives productivity a new and exciting twist in extending his expertise from how we work at our best personally to how our teams should work as a cohesive unit. This is a must-read for managers and business owners and should be mandatory for training for organizations of all sizes. Team Habits had an immediate impact on me and made me think deeply about how my business runs and team works together - and where we stumble and what we could do better. I found myself reevaluating how and when my team meets, communicates, shares information, and gets work done."

Adrienne Bellehumeur

Owner, Risk Oversight, and author of The 24-Hour Rule and Other Secrets for Smarter Organizations


"Team Habits will stand the test of time and is now required reading for all of my clients. It's filled with equal parts wisdom, stories, and crystal-clear actionable recommendations. The conscious and intentional attention to "belonging" as a critical dimension of effective and sustainably successful teams might on its own be a game-changer.  Best of all, it makes clear the idea that no matter your role or level, it's possible to build better team habits that lead to better outcomes."

Karen Wright

CEO, Parachute Executive Coaching


"Every single team leader should have a copy of Team Habits!  Small teams and large, leaders with direct reports and those that lead collaborative projects, new and experienced leaders.... this book should be your desk reference for improving the productivity, and results, of your team!  Gilkey's process uses relatable stories, approachable ideas, and practical exercises to break down common and complex obstacles into achievable action steps.  I can't recommend this book highly enough!"

Jenn Labin

Director of Learning and Development at mentorcliQ


"Charlie Gilkey's Team Habits offers a compelling roadmap that can help any group find a path to higher performance. By addressing the small but critical behaviors that shape our daily interactions, this book equips leaders to cultivate an environment of productivity and purpose."

Daniel H. Pink

#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Regret

About Charlie Gilkey

Charlie Gilkey helps people start finishing the stuff that matters. He's the founder of Productive Flourishing, author of Start Finishing (2019) and The Small Business Lifecycle (2012), as well as the host of the Productive Flourishing podcast.

Charlie has over nearly 20 years of fieldwork that incorporates systems thinking, strategy execution, leadership and organizational development, practical innovation, and communication. His experience includes leading 200+ soldiers in the U.S. Army, 14 years consulting leaders in various industries in for-profit and nonprofit industries, writing award-winning books, and serving on various boards.


At heart, Charlie is a team guy. As challenging as leading and working in teams can be, there are few things as sublime as seeing your team come together and get a great job done. He believes every team, everywhere has the potential to be that kind of team - and when we make working in teams better, we make work better, which means we make people's lives better.

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Because (most) humans are hard-wired for rapport and cooperation, you’d expect that it would be easy for human beings to work well together.

And yet, teamwork is rarely easy.

At Better Team Habits, we explore leadership, teamwork, strategy execution, and organizational dynamics by focusing on team habits — the habits the team does, not merely the habits individuals do. Come join the conversation!