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What is your Productivity Persona? Are you a...

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  • Visionaries are strong in the big picture, far horizons sort of planning. They focus on the why behind the projects they choose and that helps them start quickly. But visionaries are often challenged by taking that great idea and turning it into actionable steps or they're just full of so many ideas it's hard to limit themselves.

  • Designers are planners who get giddy at the puzzle-building, figuring-it-out process for how they're going to get a project done. Sometimes Designers struggle with picking which project to work on right now or they struggle getting the actual work done since they'd rather plan and replan. (What if this way is better than that way, y'know?)

  • Creators are doers who thrive with a clear set of directions or a checklist and just get stuff done. They get a lot done, but often feel like they're not really further ahead on the stuff that matters most to them.

And if one of these doesn't quite seem to fit?  Not to worry: you might be one of those who have characteristics of more than one type, or even a blend of all three. The easiest way to know is to take the Momentum Quiz and find out for yourself!

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No matter your persona, the Momentum Quiz will help identify your:

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Together, these will help you understand how you work best and how to do your best work.

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