Team Habits Quiz Resources

Welcome, Team Habits Champion!

Below you will find a host of resources to help you and your team improve the key team habits that will allow you to collaborate better, accomplish more, and achieve better results.

Each of the sections is organized by the Team Habits category found on the Quiz. Consult your Team Habits Results Report to see particular areas where you and your team need the most support. The button links for each will take you to the appropriate section of this resource page.

You can also find a host of additional resources and conversation about team habits on our dedicated publication, Better Team Habits.


How your team makes decisions together.

Top Decision-Making Resources

  1. Teach Your Team the Three Types of Decisions
  2. The Executive's Guide to Limiting Decision Fatigue
  3. Decide Early and Often

Goal-Setting and Prioritization

How your team sets goals and priorities.

Top Goal-Setting and Prioritization Resources

  1. 7 Ways to Prevent Dunkirk Spirit from Burning Out Your Team
  2. A Push to Get Clearer About Your Pull Factors
  3. The Benefits of Displacement
  4. Don't Confuse the Project with the Result


How your team moves objectives, projects, and tasks forward together.

Top Collaboration Resources

  1. 3 Ways to Deal with Your Crisco Watermelons
  2. 4 Practices to Balance Your Solo and Collaborative Work
  3. Who's the Project Owner?
  4. What's the Difference Between a System and a Process?


How your team prepares for, conducts, and follows up after meetings.

Top Meetings Resources

  1. We Make the Rules for Meetings
  2. How to Apply Time Blocking in a Corporate Setting