Interview Requests

Thanks for your interest in interviewing me for your telesummit-podcast-whatever!

I’m honored! I made this page since I get a lot of requests and want you to know ahead of time what I will and won’t do so we don’t end up in an awkward “this isn’t what I was expecting…” scenario on either side.


  1. Do interviews (audio/video) – if you require a slide deck, please let me know this well in advance.
  2. Do Q & A’s (No topic is off limits!).
  3. Promote to my LinkedIn list (and I love it when you provide sample copy).
  4. Be an affiliate for your class or product ONLY if I have access to the course or I know your work from personal experience.
  5. Send you interview questions at your request.


  1. Send out a solo email to my list about the interview.
  2. Create any other freebies for your audience.
  3. Give out the size of or metrics related to my email list.
  4. Give out the size of my social media followings (you can look this up easily).

Also, I may not be able to say yes to every interview. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like a good fit or I’m working on a big project. If we are a good fit and I just can’t get you into my schedule, I’ll be sure to let you know when would be a better time!

Hopefully, this works for you so we can set something up!

Please click the button and fill out the form so we can dial in how we’re going to jam. 🙂